Translations Lab
Professional translations with hospitality in mind
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Our work

So... what do we do?


At Translations Lab we translate any document related to the  hotel, restaurant, bar and tourism industries.  . We like to be thorough and meticulous and we know that our part comes after many months of hard work and dedication by our client; this is why we do our job with extreme care. We work towards your success!. 

our approach

At Translations Lab we like to understand whatever we are translating since experience tells us that is the only way to excel at what we do. If we do not know the specific project, we immerse ourselves in it to embrace it.

We also understand that deadlines are extremely important and we have never missed one... not even the most demanding ones. 

We currently work with more than 10 languages and combinations and continue to expand our network in order to offer our clients a more global service that suits their needs. 


Amongst other, the following:

  • Operations manuals
  • Service directories
  • Brand standards
  • Strategic brand development presentations
  • Marketing plans
  • Experience catalogues
  • Hotel brochure 
  • Hotel budget guidelines
  • Social media content
  • Guest satisfaction surveys
  • Restaurant menus
  • Associate training and induction programs

THESE ARE SOME OF the brands we already work with: